About us

Conscious Business NZ grew from an idea and observation that there was a calling within individuals and organisations for change. A change that was conscious and lasting.

We, Conscious Business NZ, will work with you, to assist the organisation and the individuals that make your organisation come into alignment. Firstly by showing the individuals how to align with themselves, then with the organisations core beliefs and code of work.   Our work modules are created equal, each organisation sees the ‘same skeleton’ of modules, but each presentation is ideally created and served to the needs of the specific organisation we work with.

 When the people within an organisation are happy the organisation finds that they are in a place of upward motion. People want to create, work, be present and find solutions because they realise that they are not just a cipher in the system but that they are important to the wellbeing of the whole.

Our Aim

Our aim is to enable a foundation or culture of truth within the organisation, which in turn will give the stakeholders, internal and external a better service. It will also create a sustainable internal employee culture, as each individual realises that they are both the ‘problem’ and the ‘solution’ to any given situation. This gives them impetuous to move forward in a healthy competitive and sustainable work ethic for you, the organisation, and the customer.

Why Conscious Business NZ?

We care about the wholeness, the wellbeing of the organisation as well as the employee.

We realise that each organisation is made up of many factors; people being the most important. Without a cohesive group of people working with a single mindedness of goal and productivity then the rest of the organisation really has not got a chance.

Conscious Business NZ is about empowering the individual, which will empower the organisation, bringing in a conscious awareness within the company and the people in it as well as a well-rounded and more balanced workplace.

Conscious Business NZ believes that the combination of what the people within an organisation believe to be true and what their actions show to be true are at times very different. What we wish to assist the organisation and the individuals within the organisation with is to find the ‘common’ ground where they can see the same true experience; a consistent behaviour, a consistent belief in the integrity the organisation stands for. This can only assist a more authentic and honest reflection to the customer and their experience.

Conscious Integrity Solutions

Words have meanings and a ‘power’ behind them.
We have a strong connection to these words and their precepts, as we believe that without them in today’s business world failure is imminent.

‘To have knowledge of something, to be aware’.

‘The state of being unimpaired; soundness’.
‘The quality or condition of being whole or undivided; completeness’.

‘The answer to or disposition of a problem’.

We see how vitally important the ideal and concept of being conscious or aware of how you work and function within your workplace is.

We know how fragile the integrity of a business can be. It can take years to build the integrity you desire and can be destroyed in seconds by a careless word or gesture by an employee to a customer.

To be able to trust the people you work with (internally or externally) makes all the difference when integrity is involved within the decision making process. Finding solutions to any and all potential situations is paramount these days and if we can assist by getting in at below ground level, at the roots of the situation, that can only assist you, your company and your employees.

We believe that we have created a solution that will assist your growth, peace of mind and a culture of balanced, happy and self-responsible individuals within your corporation or organisation throughout all tiers of management and staff.

Self Mastery in Business and Life modules and mentoring were developed while working with people. Realising that each individual is unique and therefore each business is unique. We chose to create an organisation that touched the uniqueness of both those factors.

The services we offer have touched people in many ways. Perhaps the most noticeable is the tools that they get to take with them to provide a sustainable change, personally and organisationally.

 With these truths in our makeup, whether individual or corporate, we give ourselves a leading edge on others who feel that being conscious in business is unnecessary.    
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