Self Mastery in Business & Life
Staff Seminars
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Self Mastery in Business & Life

Within these 4 modules are sub topics covering areas such as addictions, habits, belief systems, communication issues, positive behaviour, decision-making, integrity, self-responsibility, intuition, and intent. 4 modules can be completed over 2 days or as separate units over a period of time. Follow up and personal sessions are provided. Interaction by participants is required and tools founded on conscious technologies are delivered along with handouts for the use of participants. Participants have to be willing to make the changes. Our philosophy is grounded in sustainable changes that will create an ongoing increasing platform of success within your work place or organisation.

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Outcomes expected

For Business

  • Increased performance, productivity and financials - as management and staff implement the module teachings into daily life.
  • Potential Clients and Key Stakeholders are strongly attracted to the Business Mastery ethic being created by the organisation/ business.
  • Awareness and tools to bring about positive ongoing change within the organisation.
  • Full utilisation of your management and staffs, talents and skill base.


  • Self-Responsibility is the key teaching, which when implemented manifests in self-trust and self-awareness (self esteem). This solid foundation impacts in multiple positive ways in a person’s life as self-responsibility is taken at all levels.
  • By using the education and tools provided in a sustainable way the changes are ongoing within the workplace and personal life.
  • Better emotional balance or emotional IQ.
  • Letting go of the blame game and judgement.
  • Ability to take constructive criticism and deliver balanced communication.
  • Accessing of clearer wisdom, decision-making and intuitive knowing.

Staff Seminars

We are available to come and talk to your employees during staff seminars. We can cover many topics depending on time and requirement and we are able to present a unique tailor made presentation for your particular business or organisation.

Topics we can discuss with your employees:

  • Discovering who they are, i.e. more than their job title.
  • How to deal with feelings about not fitting within the organisation.
  • Bringing the best of both ‘I’ and ‘US’ and ‘Them’ into the Team mentality.
  • Becoming aware of their talents and not feeling disempowered.
  • Being a part of the dynamic change to the company/organisation.

Personal and Business Mentoring

Our mentoring sessions are based on Self Mastery and will be of great assistance to you if you are prepared to take ownership of your life and make the changes and adjustments needed.

We will utilise the intuitive and learnt skills we have gained over our lifetime for your benefit.Free 30minute consultation

We offer a free 30-minute consultation via Skype or in person to find out what it is you are wanting and to set out an outline for any further mentoring required.

Each person is different, no two humans are the same therefore we do not have the same formatted answer for every individual and we will respond to you according to your uniqueness.

Please contact us for bookings and fee structures

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