Heather Reiss

Heather Nardianna Reiss

Heather has intimate knowledge of all the subjects that are taught, as the modules are based on life situations and strength gained from these experiences. Her compassionate outlook on life does not blind her to the many pitfalls that people place themselves in. This has shown her that there are alternatives to the same well-worn path of teaching and it is this that has brought the success she has enjoyed seeing in the people she assists.

As a stand up comedian (now retired but not dead) and a Life Counsellor, Heather has had the privilege of being involved with various groups over the years in helping people to find the solutions in their lives. Her sense of humour often brings laughter into the sessions and creates an easy atmosphere to learn in.  

Louise James

Louise James

Having experienced the work environment, both here and overseas, for many years in both management and non-management employment.  Louise has experienced ‘management issues’ where common ground with staff is amiss. Where the ‘forgotten employee’ is undermined, unsupported and she personally has dug deep within her own knowledge to find the solution required for herself in these workplace situations. With this ‘inside’ information she has brought about an understanding of how to read ‘both sides of the coin’  without bringing conflict.  

Her attitude of there is ‘no right or wrong’ but there is a solution, is what endures her to those that she has worked with. Her strength is private mentoring and ‘one on one’ guidance, while also working as an experienced Facilitator in-group sessions, to enhance an overall balance of teaching and group learning.    
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